Your generous support helps to keep Ecclesia Consort singing!

We are dedicated to preserving sacred choral music through performances in some of the finest churches in southern New England. Neither the singers nor the conductor is paid for their services. Rather, each shares a deep love of the music and willingly offers their gifts for the benefit of the community. Many of our events are free and open to all, subsidized only by donations at the door. This practice has become a hallmark of our events, allowing one and all to share in the beauty of this music no matter one’s means.

In recent years, Ecclesia has begun to delve into the larger-scale choral-orchestral repertoire of the Baroque masters. These programs are costly due in large part to the inclusion of players. To keep ticket prices for these to an acceptable level, generous friends and benefactors have come to our assistance in the past and have offset the cost of preparing and performing these magnificent works. Without the help of these fellow lovers of music we could not offer such programs.

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